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Grit Removal System Procedures
Grit Removal System - Grit Auger, Grit Pumps and Grit Classifier
Process Flow Diagrams Process Plan and Section Diagrams
Plant Schematic
Grit System PID
  Grit System Plan and Section View Drawings
Grit Chamber Paddle Mechanism, Grit Chamber Blower, Grit Pumps and Grit Classifier
Pre-Startup Checks 
  1. Ensure all maintenance activities are complete and recorded.
  2. Check to ensure all safety devices and guards are in place and functioning.
  3. Ensure emergency stop buttons on all equipment are pulled out.
  4. Check to ensure no large foreign material is present in the grit chamber or grit classifier.
  5. Verify power is available to the units and control panels are functional.
  6. Verify grit pump inlet valves and discharge valves are properly positioned.
  7. Verify classifier water supply is available.
  8. Verify grit dumpster is available to receive grit.
  9. Start the units and check for any odd noises, overheating or misalignment.
  10. Shut unit off.
Place Unit Into Service
  1. Open the downstream channel isolation gate on the grit chamber.
  2. Open the upstream channel isolation gate on the grit chamber.
  3. Activate grit chamber paddle mechanism by turning the Hand/Off Auto switch to Auto.
  4. Activate grit chamber blowers by turning the Hand/Off Auto switch to Auto. 
  5. Activate grit classifier by turning the Hand/Off Auto switch to Auto.
  6. Activate grit pumps by turning the Hand/Off Auto switch to Auto. 
  7. Monitor system for proper operation.
SCADA Operation
  1. Operator selects the timer set point (30 minutes) or plant flow rate (90,000 gallons) to start an automatic grit removal cycle.  In the auto mode, at the desired output the grit chamber blower starts. Once started the grit pump starts. Once started, the classifier starts. After the length of run time has expired the grit chamber blower stops, the grit pump stops and the grit classifier stops.
Take Unit Out of Service
  1. Bypass flow around grit chamber.
  2. Place the Hand/Off/Auto switch for all equipment in the Hand position. 
  3. After the grit system has been allowed to run a sufficient amount of time to allow all grit to be conveyed to the dumpster, shut down all equipment.
  4. Drain water from chamber.
  5. Remove any sediment from the bottom of the chamber.  
  6. If maintenance work is to be done on the unit ensure proper Lock Out/Tag Out procedures are followed. 

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