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UV Disinfection Procedures
UV Disinfection System
Process Flow Diagrams Process Plan and Section Diagrams
UV PID  UV Disinfection Process Plan and Sections
UV Disinfection System
Startup Procedures
1. Determine the number of channels to be put in service. The slide gate at the down stream of the UV channels (FG9041, FG9042, and FG9043) should be in the closed position. Open the electric slide gate (FG9031, FG9032, or FG9033) upstream of the UV bank to be put online to allow water into the channel. After the water level in the channel has risen to a level above the lamps, close the upstream gate.

2. Set the MANUAL-OFF-AUTO switch to the AUTO position. When first put in the AUTO mode, the UV system will start the lamps at the 100% power setting and will keep the lamps at this setting for 60 minutes. This is the manufacturer’s standard method of avoiding under dosing during the initial stages of system operation while flow and intensity monitoring information are being established for dose pacing.

3. After starting the banks in the AUTO mode, monitor the intensity reading at the local touchscreen or the PCS for the bank that was started. After waiting for 60 minutes or until the UV intensity reaches >40,000 mW/cm2, reopen the gate upstream of the bank of lamps. Then open the electric downstream gates to start flow through the UV channels (FG9041, FG9042, and FG9043).

4. When flow is passing through the channels and the UV banks are operating in the AUTO mode, the lamp outputs will be adjusted automatically by the programmable controller in the SCE based on the plant flow input from the PCS, the bank intensity monitoring and the dose set point.

5. An alarm will be generated should the UV lamp ballast output exceed an operator-entered set point. This alarm will notify the operator that an additional UV channel needs to be brought on-line.
Shutdown Procedures
1. Shut the upstream gate for the UV system to be taken out of service (FG9031, FG9032, FG9033).

2. Through the Maintenance graphic on the touchscreen, set the UV bank to be taken out of service to the Off mode.

3. Shut the downstream gate for the UV system to be taken out of service (FG9041, FG9042, FG9043)
Additional Control Features
Other UV system operating settings than can be adjusted at the local touchscreen include the following:

· Wiping time “interval” and “number of wipes” for the automatic wiping system
· RESET lamp running hours
· RESET lamp on-off cycles
· Bank minimum on time (Hours)
· UV Transmittance SP (Percent)
· Low UV Transmittance alarm (Percent)
· Low UV Intensity alarm (Percent)

Other system operating values can be modified with the manufacturer’s password. It is recommended that these settings only be modified by the manufacturer or modified with their input.

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