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 Influent Pumping System Procedures
Influent Pumps 1-6 (Wemco and Fairbanks Morse Pumps)
Influent Pump Station PID Pump Drawings
Pre-Startup Checks
  1. Verify that the pumps have power. 
  2. Verify the pump's seal water system is functional. 
  3. Verify adequate level in wet well.
  4. Inspect pump to be started to ensure that the unit is in proper operating condition.  Perform manufacturer's recommended pre-start procedures.
  5. Verify sump pumps in pump room are operational.
  6. Verify suction and discharge isolation valves are open.
Place Unit Into Service
  1. At each VFD, turn the Local/Off/Remote switch to the Remote position.
  2. For each constant speed pump, turn the Local/Off Remote switch on the MCC to Remote.
SCADA Operation
  1. Select pump sequencing.
  2. Monitor pump selection operation.
  3. Monitor wet well level.
  4. Monitor pump equipment operation (motor over-temperature, seal water flow, VFD fault, motor speed).
  5. Monitor pump room sump pump operation (high sump water level).
Take Unit Out of Service
  1. Select pump sequencing.
  2. Turn selected pump to off position on SCADA.
  3. Turn local pump switch to the Off position.
  4. Lock out pump. 
  5. Close suction and discharge isolation valves.

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