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Non-potable Water Overview

The non-potable water system withdraws UV effluent and pumps it throughout the plant. A sodium hypochlorite injection point is provided to disinfect the non-potable water system.  The non-potable water system provides the Wastewater Treatment Plant with non-potable water for the following uses:

   · Polymer dilution water
   · Secondary clarifiers sprays
   · Gravity belt thickener washwater
   · Hose valves

The non-potable water system includes gravity piping from the UV effluent channel, suction piping to the non-potable water pumps, and discharge piping to connect to the system. A hydropneumatic tank is provided in the chlorine building. 

The non-potable water system has been designed so that the non-potable water is withdrawn from the UV Effluent and disinfected with sodium hypochlorite into a 528 gallon hydropneumatic tank.  The hydropneumatic tank is located in the chlorine building and rides on the hydraulic grade line of the non-potable water system where water is stored until there is a demand in the existing plant water system.

The pumps are controlled by a pressure transmitter on the discharge header from the 4 pumps.  The pumps attempt to maintain a pressure set point in the discharge piping by varying the number of pumps running.  As pressure drops, additional pump(s) start.  As pressure increases above set point, pumps stop running.  A low pressure and a high pressure alarm is programmed into the PLC system. The non-potable water pumps are interlocked with the high pressure switch at the hydropneumatic tank to allow the pumps to turn OFF during periods of low water demand.


Equipment Number

Component Information

Non-potable water pumps


Quantity: 4

Manufacturer: Grundfos

Flowrate: 90 gpm

Model: MPC E CRE15-4
Controls: Pressure Transmitter

Function : System Tank Pressure
Equipment Manual

Hydropneumatic Tank


Quantity: 1

Manufacturer: Wesselect Company

Model :   FXA-HP-2000

Capacity : 528 gallon

Type : Pressurized Tank with Rubber Bladder

Controls: Pressure Switch

Function : System Tank Pressure


Yard Piping 2006
Water, Non-Potable Water, Gas Drawing 1990

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