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Odor Control Troubleshooting

Observation Probable Cause Remedy
Odors present around plant Biofilter media dirty Clean media
Biofilter too dry Increase irrigation volume
Faulty odor fans Check fans for proper operation
Grease filter plugging Clean grease filter as required
Odor control ducting damaged Find damage and repair
Fan trips out Insufficient differential over the fan Check inlet and outlet for obstruction
Check fan belt for slippage or breaks
Differential sensor failure
Fan blades fouled with grease or other foreign substance
Fan vibrations and noise Misalignment of bearings, coupling or V-Belt Realign
Unstable foundation Shim or strengthen
Foreign material on fan blades causing unbalanced operation Clean fan. Inspect and clean grease filters if necessary
Worn belts Replace belt
Over heating bearings Over greasing Remove Zerk fitting and run to reduce grease accumulation
Poor alignment Realign
Damaged wheel or driver Replace
Excessive belt tension Loosen
Overload on drive Fan speed too high Adjust fan speed and re-balance system
Fan shaft bent Replace shaft

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Last Updated: 1/24/2013 4:42:14 PM
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