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Effluent Disinfection Safety
General Safety Precautions
Follow all WWTP procedures and policies.
Process Specific Safety Precautions
  1. Because the UV lamps can automatically start at any time, exercise caution at all times whenever working around the equipment.
  2. Lockout the equipment before performing any maintenance on it.
  3. The UV channel is a confined space, follow the Confined Space Entry policy before entering.
  4. The walkways around the channel can be wet and slippery, exercise caution to avoid slipping.
  5. Check that all machine guards are in place before starting equipment.
  6. Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light can cause severe burns to the eyes and skin. Face shield should be worn as the primary protection against such exposure. Never look directly at the energized lamps unless you are wearing ultraviolet resistant face shield or glasses (for short-term exposure)
  7. As added protection, or as a minimum protection for short-term exposures, tight fitting glasses with side shields protection where such shields are contiguous must be worn at all times when there is a potential exposure to Ultraviolet light.  Wrap-around style glasses are most effective.
  8. Use care when working around open channels. Replace safety grating after lifting modules.  
  9. The UV lamp cleaning solution (Lime-away) contains phosphoric acid. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for details.  
  10. Allow electronic ballast and lamps to cool before handling. Ultraviolet lamps become hot during operation. Hot lamps can cause serious burns. Prior to removing the lamps, allow lamps to cool for a minimum of 5 minutes. This prevents burns and damage to the lamp.

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