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Biosolids Dewatering Procedures
Biosolids Dewatering - Sludge Feed/Load Pump,  Polymer System, BFP
Process Flow Diagrams Process Plan and Section Diagrams
Plant Schematic Sludge Feed Load Pump Plan & Section Views
Thickening and Dewatering Plan View
Sludge Load/Feed Pump
Pre-Startup Checks
   1. Verify that there is sufficient level in the sludge blend tank. 
   2. Verify that the inlet and discharge valves are open.
   3. Verify that the polymer system is operable and in the Auto mode.
   4. Verify that the sludge grinder is operable and in the Auto mode.
   5. Verify that the belt filter press is operable and in the Auto mode.
   6. Clear any faults that are indicated on the local control panel. 
Place Unit Into Service
   1. Move the switch on panel LP-8090 to the BFP position.
   2. Move the HOA switch on panel LP-8090 to the Auto position.
   3. Move the OR switch located adjacent to the pump in the Remote position.
   4. Move the local/remote switch on the VFD located near the pump to the Remote position.
SCADA Operation
   1. None
Take Unit Out of Service
   1. Move the HOA switch on panel LP-8090 to the Off position.
   2. If maintenance work is to be performed on the pump, open the disconnect breaker for the pump, and close
       the inlet and discharge valves.  Follow LOTO procedures.
Polymer System
Pre-Startup Checks
  1. Verify that polymer is needed for the day that it will be made (the "Mix New Batch" light is illuminated).
  2. Verify there is adequate space in the polymer tank for a new batch to be made up.
  3. Verify polymer makeup local control panel has power.
  4. Verify polymer makeup local control panel shows no alarms.
  5. Verify there is an adequate amount of dry polymer on hand.
  6. Check with treatment plant supervisory staff if any unsatisfactory conditions exist.
  7. Follow all applicable safety rules, practices, and procedures.
Place Unit Into Service
  1. Push the Batch Start button on the sludge control panel.
  2. Open the manual valve on the water line connected to the eductor. 
  3. Feed dry polymer into tank through the flexible hose connected to eductor.
  4. Close manual valve on water line.
  5. A "Batch Ready" light will illuminate after the mixing and aging processes are complete.
SCADA Operation
  1. None.
Take Unit Out of Service
  1. Stop polymer feed pumps at local control panels. 
  2. Turn all switches for the polymer system to the Off or Close position at the sludge control panel.
Belt Filter Press (BFP)
Pre-Startup Checks
  1. Verify there is power to the belt drive and control panel.  
  2. Verify no foreign objects are on the belt and the belt is not frayed.
  3. Ensure the belt is centered on the rollers.
  4. Ensure the belt tracking system is working properly.
  5. Ensure polymer equipment is ready for operation.
  6. Ensure sludge feed pump is ready for operation.
  7. Ensure high pressure wash water is available.  
  8. Ensure plows (chicanes) are positioned on belt.  
  9. Follow all applicable safety rules, practices, and procedures.
Place Unit Into Service
  1. Turn on panel main breaker and place all selector switches in the Auto position.
  2. Energize panel control voltage.
  3. Press "Start" button on the vendor supplied panel. The following should occur in sequence:
    1. The hydraulic power unit, the wash pump and the thickener belt drive will start within seconds of each other.
    2. The sludge pump and polymer unit starts.
  4. Adjust polymer dosing such that proper flocculation is observed on the gravity zone of the Belt Press.
  5. Adjust belt speed and throughput to optimize operation.
SCADA Operation
  1. There is no SCADA control of this equipment.
Take Unit Out of Service
  1. Shut down is in the reverse order as placing a unit into service.  After the sludge feed pump and the polymer system shut down, the belt will continue to run for 15 minutes to allow the belt cleaning function to occur.
  2. Solids buildup should be washed down daily to eliminate solids buildup on the BFP. 

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